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Message from the President

The Higher Education Consortium for Special Education (HECSE) is a national organization that represents major university programs that prepare personnel for special education leadership roles. HECSE member institutions are committed to effective professional preparation at all levels, whether new teachers, teacher educators, school administrators, field researchers, disability and education advocates, policy makers, and related services professionals.


Together, HECSE members are engaged in a variety of ongoing advocacy, research, and service efforts designed to meet two primary goals:

  1. Appropriate educational opportunities and effective school outcomes for millions of American children and youth with disabilities characterized by:
    • High achievement expectations;
    • Access to general education curriculum, evidence-based instructional methods, and comprehensive progress monitoring;
    • Effective special education services provided by well-prepared and highly-qualified school and community personnel;
    • Ongoing and  active home-school-community collaboration
  2. Support for recruitment, preparation, and retention of special education personnel at all levels (e.g., special education teachers, teacher educators, classroom researchers, program administrators);

By participating actively in national advocacy efforts, HECSE is demonstrating the important role higher education plays in America’s public education infrastructure. In the public education debate, HECSE shares critical information policy makers need regarding current preparation challenges, effective preparation and support for highly-qualified personnel, new knowledge about children and youth with disabilities, and effective ways to design appropriate programs, deliver effective content, and monitor student growth. Working together, HECSE and other like-minded groups are making important strides forward to ensure better educational opportunities for students with disabilities and effective professional preparation.


This web site provides information about HECSE position papers, research reports on personnel preparation, public testimony, news, Board member contact information, and ways to get involved with HECSE.


For additional information about HECSE, please contact me at jander2@indiana.edu.

Image of President Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffery A. Anderson
HECSE President
Indiana University